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As a car owner, I don’t think there’s a worse feeling in the world than walking to your parking lot and discovering that your car just isn’t there.

I’ve never had a car stolen, thankfully. The closest I came, I guess, was when some asshole broke a window to steal a garbage $15 iPod charger thing I had plugged in. (Replacing the window cost a lot more than that.)


But while modern cars are incredibly tough to steal without the keys, nearly 700,000 cars were still stolen in 2014, which is heartbreaking to think about.

Do you have a story about a stolen car? It doesn’t matter whether it your car, or a family member’s car, or a friend’s. Car theft sucks, but it almost always comes with a crazy story—not that that’s any consolation.

We’re well versed in this kind of thing at Jalopnik, thanks largely to the time our own Jason Torchinsky’s yellow Beetle was stolen and then found by you fine readers. But not everyone’s so lucky.


What’s your car theft story?

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