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Tell Us What the Hell These Two Planes Think Is So Damn Funny

Illustration for article titled Tell Us What the Hell These Two Planes Think Is So Damn Funny

The always-charming twitter feed, Faces In Things, today had this wonderful image of two cargo planes yukking it up. Whatever the hell they’re talking about, they think it’s hilarious. So what’s so funny, planes? Care to let us non-aircraft in on the joke?


It looks to me like the Polar plane on the right is telling the joke, and the plane on the left is laughing, hard. I’m hoping one of you out there can help us figure out what the joke is? Is it dirty? Some kind of inside joke for aircraft?


Our own David suspected it may have been:

“What kind of luggage do vultures prefer? Carrion!”

...which is pretty good. I’m thinking it may be something that we, as non aircraft just wouldn’t get, something about plane culture, like:

“Hey! What does a one-prop Cessna call a jumbo diesel tug? SIR!”

I bet that’s somehow dirty, to planes. Or maybe:

“A Zeppelin and a blimp walk into a jet bar. The bartender asks, ‘what’ll it be, fellas,’ but before they could answer a 747 zooms over and shoves them out of the way, saying ‘hey! this isn’t that kind of bar.’ The blimp asks ‘well, what kind of bar is this, then?’”

...okay, I don’t know where I’m going, there. I’m not a plane.

Anyway, I’m still curious. Let’s see what we can come up with!

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Turbineguy: Nom de Zoom

My guess is they were ragging on their goofy cousin in the military.