Photo: Jalopnik
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.  

Cars are designed to protect us in the event of a crash. It’s unfortunate, but it happens sometimes. When did a car save your life?

For our own Raphael Orlove, a BMW E30 race car helped him cheat death one rain-soaked day at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. At a certain point in the day, Raph found himself stalled on the exit of a corner. Before he knew it, another car T-boned him at 80 mph right in the driver’s side door.

The race car’s door bars are what saved Raph. Here’s what he wrote:

They’re wider than on even any rally car I’ve ridden in, and made out of extra thick steel. Very honestly, if there had been something like a bolt-in cage in the car, or even any weaker construction on the cage, I would have been crippled if not killed. A bolt-in would have ripped right out, and a set of thinner X-bars would have allowed more intrusion towards the area I reserve for my bones and internal organs than I prefer. Andrew built a race car that saved my life. I’m grateful for that.


It sounded like a harrowing experience for sure, but we’re all glad that Raph made it out alright.

Now tell me, when did a car save your life?