Teens Who Stole Flinstones Car Forced To Dress As Flinstones

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I'm pretty sure this won't be the solution for all auto theft, but it seemed to work pretty damn well in this case: three teens who stole a replica of the Flinstones car were caught and sentenced to dress as the modern stone-age family in front of the comic book store they stole it from.

The car was stolen in December, and the three teens — who just picked it up and stuck it in the back of a pickup, because, I guess, they don't have the leg strength to maintain 45 MPH — were only caught recently. Dave Downey, the owner of Sacramento's World's Best Comics, decided not to press charges on the condition that the three Grand Theft Paleoautos dress up as Fred, Barney, and Wilma. I'm glad they got the one with the nice legs to play Wilma.

The car was recovered, the comic book store reported great sales as a result of the publicity, and I'm pretty sure some sort of lesson had to have been learned by someone involved in all this.


I'm not sure this would have worked as well if it was a replica Batmobile. Because who wouldn't want to dress up as Batman?

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Ash78, voting early and often

I stole the Wonder Woman plane and taxied it straight to my house. They still don't know it's missing.