Kids these days, when they aren’t taking selfies, they are pretending to be federal agents in order to take Dodge Chargers out for a joy rides. Well, maybe not all kids, but one Michigan teen could be facing some serious charges for allegedly impersonating an FBI agent, stealing and crashing a car.

According to, a seventeen year old from Ann Arbor, called Cueter Chrysler, told the staff that he worked for the FBI and wanted to test drive a 2015 Dodge Charger. The dealership has a program where it will bring a car to the potential customer for a test-drive. When the salesperson arrived with the car, they encountered a young man that was armed with a pistol. The weapon turned out to be an air-soft gun.


Police say the teenager then stole the car during the test drive and drove off to Toledo, where he was involved in an accident. When local authorities showed up on the scene, the young man again presented himself as an FBI agent. The suspect was uninjured, but the car was damaged so badly it was rendered inoperable. The teenager will face criminal charges in both states, and could be charged as an adult in Michigan.

(Update: I received an email from a dealership employee) -

I normally don’t post, and couldn’t get on the site to post this, however, I do want to point out that the article in mLive is very poorly written, and has most of the important facts wrong. I work for Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram, and the incident occurred at the next desk down from me.

The young man called our dealership claiming to be a government officer that was just transferred to Ann Arbor. He said he needed a new vehicle. As a courtesy we went to pick him up. He was very organized and professional, and did not look like a 17-year -old. The “gun” was in a completely enclosed hip holster – nobody ever saw the weapon.

When he got to our dealership he was asked to provide credentials or identification, and he couldn’t. At no time was he allowed to drive a vehicle. The suspect put the keys in his pocket when the salesman was looking away. When he got his chance ran out the door stealing our vehicle.

I would like to thank the Washtenaw County Sheriff department for there quick response to this unfortunate incident, and we hope the young man gets help.

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