Being a teenager in Canada isn't all it's cracked up to be. Described as having "a tendency to speed" by his doting mother, 19 -year old Jason Towers has racked up no less than 10 speeding tickets since he got his license in May 2005. Towers claims most of those tickets were given for only going a few kilometers over the per-hour limit. Which definitely explains his two license suspensions in that time. If you're starting to get the impression that Towers might be a dangerous driver, you'd be wrong.

He's only had two minor fender benders, oh and that one little accident where he totaled his car. So it came as a shock to Jason's mom when she called to renew the insurance on his Nissan 240SX, only to be quoted $104,556. By calling around, she eventually got that number down to $50,000, still more than she was prepared to spend on insuring her son's car. Sometimes, life just isn't fair. [Via the Edmonton Journal]
Photo credit: Eric Castro