Teen Thieves Drove Three Hours To Steal Dodge Hellcats They Crashed Within Minutes: Police

Screengrab from Fox 2 St. Louis
Screengrab from Fox 2 St. Louis

Dodge’s Hellcats may have a somewhat self-destructive anti-theft measure: they are so powerful three teens accused of driving over three hours to steal a pair of Challenger Hellcats were unable to make it more than a mile in their new cars. Yes, they crashed ‘em.

Three teens are accused of driving three and a half hours from Kansas City to Saint Peters, Missouri around 1:30 AM on Friday to pinch four cars from Napleton Mid Rivers Dodge dealership. Among the cars taken were two Challenger Hellcats. The teens did not get far, as St. Peters Police Officer Melissa Doss told local Fox 2 News:

They lost control of them fairly easily. I mean, they made it less than a mile.

The dealership will have some difficulty replacing the Hellcats, which will take months before FCA gives them a new allocation, according to the dealership’s general manager. One employee had called the cops when he happened to drive past the dealership and saw car lights on in the lot. It did not take long for the cops to apprehend the teens on foot following their crashes.


The thieves were 16, 17 and 19 years old and while the youngest is to be tried in juvenile court, the elder two are unfortunately in jail facing a variety of charges including burglary and receiving stolen property.

I would think some advanced driving school training would be sufficient.

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Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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