Teen Pulls Over to Give Squirrel CPR Until It Wakes Up After Accidentally Hitting It With His Car

Among the car-driving population, squirrels get a lot of hate. “Stupid squirrels, always switching directions in the road!” we say, forgetting we humans built the roads that give squirrels such dire crises. We’re all monsters, really, except this guy—when he hit a squirrel, he sat by its side and nursed it back to health.


No, seriously. Quit your giggling. This is adorable.

ABC7 in Minneapolis reports that Chris Felix, 19, thought he hit a squirrel with his back wheel and immediately stopped to help it. The squirrel was on its back and wasn’t moving, so Felix, a car detailer, pulled out a glove he had in his car and started doing chest compressions. From the story:

“I was like, well you know, you never get to see this. I was there trying to help it out, you know. Something little means a lot in the long run,” Felix told WCCO-TV.

Felix put on gloves and began doing tiny chest compressions on the squirrel as two very confused officers on patrol stopped to see what was going on.

As seen in the officer’s body camera video, Chris remained by the critter’s side repeating the same procedure for 20 minutes until the little guy finally got up and ran away.

Even better than the story is the ABC7 video report, where body-cam footage shows understandably confused police officers pull up to see a guy sitting on the side of the road trying to help a squirrel. The ABC7 report quoted Felix as saying he spent nearly 20 minutes with the squirrel before it flipped over and took off.

Felix, meanwhile, hopped up as well. The body-cam video shows an overjoyed expression on his face while he high-fives the officers, making this whole thing the equivalent of a feel-good movie without the two-hour time investment

Sure, human CPR courses stress near-constant compression with few breaks while video showed Felix do a few pumps at a time, but the important thing is someone cared enough about an animal to sit by its side for 20 minutes helping it recover—even if that just meant infrequent chest pumps and moral support.


If we all selfishly drive ourselves to climate change-induced deaths, just know that there were good people in this world while it lasted.

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This kid needs to be shamed, doxxed, flamed, floxxed, blasted, throttled, and whatever other online form of aggression tactics that have been made up in the past few years that I might not yet be aware of.

Squirrels are horrible.