Since we're looking hard at the Datsun Z as a potential Team Jalopnik car for the May race at Altamont (though the Renault Fuego Turbo is the current favorite, followed closely by the Dodge Mirada), we've been following the progress of Team DDT's '79 280Z with great interest. They spent much of Day One among the top contenders... but some penalties and a nasty wreck toward the end of the session dropped them down to #22 by the time the dust settled. Things looked bad at first, but Team DDT is made of stern stuff...

They managed to pick up five very thrashed 280Zs and 280ZXs for $500, including one that had already been used as a race car and had a cage ready to go.

So they built a universal electrical control panel that they can just switch- along with the cage- between cars as they destroy them. Smart!


Then there was a little mishap involving a Neon, the upshot of which was one Neon with the trunklid bashed into the rear seat area and one Z with the front end completely destroyed. Radiator, water pump- all of it crushed. Good thing they brought along a bunch of spares from the other four cars!


The fenders and hood won't be on the car for today's race, ensuring an extra-mean appearance.