Tata Taxi: India's First Stretch Limousine

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India's Tata motors isn't hanging back while other carmakers are creating hyper-luxury limousines for the world's well-heeled maharajas. Well, maybe a little. But that's quite all right, because Tata's new Indigo XL is for the less-demonstrative playah — the kind who digs his DVDs, but who's looking to save some bling scrip, and isn't bothered by 1980s-era automotive technology. For around $16,000, said playah can roll home in the Indigo — propelled by a 1.4-liter four, in petrol or common-rail diesel variants — which comes with leather interior, audio/video kit, and enough legroom to keep even the phattest Joe plenty far from the deep-vein thrombosis clinic. And at these prices, the whole posse can have one.


Press Release:

Tata Motors launches the long-wheelbase Indigo XL, India's first stretch limousine

Tata Motors today introduced the longwheel base Indigo XL, India's first stretch limousine, with a combination of comfort, luxury, style and performance, creating a segment hitherto unaddressed by any car in the country.

With a wheelbase of 2650 mm - extended by 200 mm over the current sedan - the Indigo XL increases internal space and creates legroom, unrivalled by any other car except in the super luxury segment. The 6-way powered front seats with lumbar support and a separate rear air conditioner with independent controls are also a first for any car, in this segment.

The seats are made from the finest of European leather. Rear seat incline is designed to optimise passenger comfort and has a central armrest with cup-holders and rear seat convenience trays. Ride quality is comfortable due to a 3-link rear suspension. Shades of wood in the dual-tone interiors, a new soft-feel wood and leather combo steering wheel, one-touch power windows complete the comfort experience.

The car comes equipped with a DVD based 4-speaker integrated entertainment system with headrest-mounted twin LCD screens. A car phone with blue-tooth connectivity allows conversation to happen over the car speakers. Both features are rarely offered as a standard fitment on any car. A 12V socket, in the rear console, enables electronic equipment to be charged. A chiller compartment in the glove box is amongst the numerous convenience features in the car.


Available in Royal Burgundy, Ivory White, Arctic Silver and Carbon Black colour options, the exteriors exude understated elegance, with new faceted front and rear bumpers, new twin reflector clear head lamps with an amber top, round front fog lamps, prominent clear lens tail lamps with a tinge of orange, and electrically operated outer rear-view mirrors with integrated turn indicator lamps. Chrome embellishments adorn the body - from the satin painted grille to the trunk, including the rub rail and the scruff plates. The 9-spoke, 14-inch alloy wheels ride on tubeless tyres.

The Indigo XL comes with a choice of two new advanced 1.4 litre engines - the refined 16 valve Twin Cam petrol version churning out 101 PS, and the silent, high torque 70 PS DICOR (common rail) diesel version. Available in just the featured packed Grand trim level across the country, the petrol Indigo XL is priced at Rs.6.70 lakhs, while the common rail diesel version is priced at Rs.7.35 lakhs (both ex-showroom Delhi)


Speaking on the launch in Mumbai today, Mr. Ratan N. Tata, Chairman, Tata Motors, said: "The Indigo XL creates its own niche. While the pricing defines the reference competitive models, there is actually no car that competes with the Indigo XL in terms of interior space, features and benefits that it offers except in the premium segment. As with our earlier offerings, we are hopeful that with its launch, the Indigo XL will re-position competition and create a true limousine at affordable prices."

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"A 12V socket, in the rear console, enables electronic equipment to be charged. A chiller compartment in the glove box is amongst the numerous convenience features in the car."

yeah this is really weak. The big features are 12v outlet in the back and a chilled glove box when it should be in the back too. Minivans have better standard features.