Tandem Paragliding Parachute Rips In Half During Stunt

Infinity tumbling is the most difficult acrobatic paragliding maneuver to perform, with the pilot flipping over the vertical line of the paraglide sail in consecutive loops. Add a passenger to the equation and the risk more than doubles.


Size, shape, and material of the paraglider's canopy all play an important factor in the mission of the flight. If only a single variable isn't accounted for the extreme forces asserted on the rig during aggressive stunts can end in catastrophe as demonstrated in this video. This tumbling maneuver can result in load over 7 times the force of gravity. Generally enough momentum results in two or three rotations, but the record stands at 568 turns by Red Bull stunt pilot Horacio Llorens.

This footage of a dramatic paragliding flight gone bad was captured in Ölüdeniz, Turkey. After spiralling rapidly towards ground, the pilot manages to control the glider and deploys an emergency parachute allowing the pair to land safely in the sea. A myriad of issues could arrive performing this maneuver including snapped lines, ripped canopy, broken harness, the inability to recover, and falling into your own canopy. Fortunately quick thinking and a backup chute and you'll live to jump another day.

Photo: wikimedia

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