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Despite NASCAR's white-washing PR, one redneck fan at last month's Talladega 500 shows off what may be the new NASCAR enthusiast uniform: cheap beer in a cozy, giant Fauxkleys, and a sleeveless t-shirt proclaiming "No Niggers In NASCAR."


This shirt is a reminder that NASCAR, despite its official messaging, has a fan base that puts the white in bread — and they're happy to have it stay that way.

As Pam's House Blend put it:

"Demographic analysis found that while blacks represent only 8.6% of NASCAR's audience, it's a 12% spurt since 2005. Apparently that fact has caused consternation among some of the blue collar bigots that now have to sit in close proximity to more of "those people."


And NASCAR's own decisions seem to reflect this opinion. Darrell Wallace made history as the first African-American to win a NASCAR Pro Series in April. Where was the Danica Patrick level of media frenzy being stoked by NASCAR PR? Heck, we only heard about it weeks after the race. Why did nobody know it even happened? Likely it was out of a desire to not alienate their white fans — like this guy here. (Hat tip to TwinTurbo2!)


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Fred Smith

if I watch NASCAR and am tolerant of people of different races, should I be seeing a doctor?

I like foreign cars too, is this wrong?