Talking State Sponsored Grand Theft Auto On The Fourth Episode Of Our Radio Show 'Ten & Two'

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Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

We had a bit of a hiatus for the holidays, but now we’re back with a brand new bag. It’s time again for another episode of Ten & Two with everyone’s favorite radio car fanatic. That’s me, by the by. This time I’m bringing you a very interesting story of international automobile theft. That’s right, it’s all about the time North Korea stole a shitpot of Volvos from the Swedish government! We’ve covered this story before, seven years ago, but this time it’s in convenient bite-sized radio show format!

Go ahead, click the play button. You know you want to. This whole episode includes a brief history of the Korean peninsula, the economic situation of both North and South Korea following the Korean war, why Sweden wanted to work with the Kim Il Sung regime in the first place, and how it all fell apart. Place your hands at 9 and 3 for the best listening experience.


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My next studio appointment is this weekend to record the next episode, and once again I am asking you for your questions. The topic of episode five is a secret, so look out for that! Of course I’ll be answering your questions, so please prepare to leave your detailed question or comment on our voicemail box with our new Google voice number 775-266-8376. Your question may be used on the show as an audio file, so please do ask it in your very best Tiff Needell.


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As always, thanks for listening; shoutout to the Tappet Brothers; and see you around the bend.