Taking Your Porsche Carrera GT On The Nürburgring Is Truly Living Your Best Life

Screencap via Maxoge
Screencap via Maxoge

Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. If you’re fortunate enough to buy the delightfully insane Porsche Carrera GT—the very car known for frightening racing legend Walter Röhrl and whose V10 evolved from a stillborn Le Mans racer—you must not let it gather dust in some collection. Go drive it.

Driver Maxoge explains in his YouTube description that he wasn’t out to break any records when he first took his Carrera GT out on the Nürburgring. Rather, he was out to do what must be done with any car—especially a rare Porsche: enjoy it.

Another driver who seems to be more familiar with his 997.1 Porsche 911 GT3 tried to keep up with the Carrera GT during the same track day, and his video is a neat illustration of just how much faster the Carrera GT is on the straights: 

The Nürburgring’s infamously Nordschleife course really isn’t that scary if you approach it with respect. The Carrera GT, too, demands much of the same, but that’s no reason to avoid taking this truly awe-inspiring supercar onto its natural road-course habitat.


Bless you, kind sir. May this be the first of many howling V10 laps.


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I hope to someday get out and enjoy my Passat TDI on Nürburgring. The sound, the curves, the emissions...