Taki Inoue Is A Dick

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Taki Inoue, perhaps the worst driver in F1 history, makes what seems like a joke about Nissan GT Academy program grad and significantly better driver/human, Jann Mardenborough, who crashed earlier in an a fatal accident at the Nürburgring that in no way appears to be his fault.



Gabor Vajda (@Gabor_V)

The Nürburgring is an old track with old standards - the drivers know that, the spectators know that. It was something in the cards, it is not an accident that in e.g. Britain they have a sign on race tickets: "Motorsports is dangerous" or something like that.

It happened, it's tragic, the kid has to carry the weight of it throughout his life, it's harsh.

Now, the internet is a weird place with a lot of knee-jerk reactions. Especially on social media.

The first line of reactions came in on the line of "don't share videos and pictures" and everyone started to act as police officers of morality. I certainly watched the videos and pictures, I know you did, because you're here and most of the people thinking they have written the ten commandments did as well. As a matter of fact, I'd encourage every race-goer to watch it, as "motorsports is dangerous". Not as a discouragement, but to have a warning to chose your spectating point wisely.

Now, the second one: Taki Inoue managed to write something truly bonkers on Twitter, completely misjudging the situation. This - lead by a few motorsports journalists (which I consider a big mistake) - lead to a shitstorm of comments wishing the guy a painful and horrible stay in hell and blew the whole thing much bigger than the attention it would deserve. The more attention you give the guy, the worse the situation gets. He is what he is, he doesn't need _your_ moral 'superiority' to prove a point. Ignore him, unfollow him if you wish. But - and this is a big 'but' - everybody says things in life they regret later on. Some people say more of those than others, it's a scientific fact. But the internet never forgets, and this is going to haunt him forever, regardless.

So give him a break, move on, the majority of people doesn't think the way he does.

And for the record - no, Taki Inoue is far from being as brilliant as Jeremy Clarkson who managed to say some very similar (and in some cases much worse) things in life and more than one of them.