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Take Your 911 Camping With a Porsche Brand Rooftop Tent

Put on your Porsche activewear, pack your Porsche luggage and load up the 911, it’s time to go camping.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of a Porsche 911 with a roof top tent fitted.
Pack the Porsche bags and load up the Porsche tent, we’re going camping.
Photo: Porsche

Porsche makes a lot of stuff. Sure, it has a decent range of six different models, but this pales in comparison to the sheer quantity of other branded stuff it sells. From activewear and luggage, to watches, eyewear and even sound systems, the German company has it all. And now, it’s adding roof top tents to that barrage of branded goods.

That’s right, the Porsche owner in your life will soon be able to don their branded activewear, pack their Porsche bags, slip into a pair of Porsche shoes and head for the hills with the gleaming Porsche Roof Tent. What a sight to behold.


The tent, like all rooftop varieties, looks swell. It’s a clamshell design that can be folded out to create a sleeping area that’s about 83 inches by 51 inches. There’s also a ladder that folds down to support the tent, and two windows with awnings that can pop out at either side.

A photo of a roof top tent on the top of a Porsche 911.
This is a vibe I’m here for.
Photo: Porsche

On the whole, I like the idea of tents like this, but haven’t gotten on so well with them in practice. Maybe the Porsche one is different? And yes, there are differences between this Porsche tent and the Roofnest Condor that I tested out earlier this year.

Firstly, it’s smaller. The Condor gives you an extra nine inches of sleeping space when it’s extended. It also packs in removable pockets for hanging things like shoes off the side, a separate privacy tent that can be popped up wherever you camp and a string of lights on the interior. All things the Porsche tent lacks.

Porsche’s offering also carries with it a pretty hefty brand tax. Where the Condor will set you back $3,395, Porsche’s offering is priced from €4,980 – or about $5,040.

For all that, you can get your hands on a roof top tent that Porsche says has been designed to work with the roof transport systems of the 911, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan. Obviously, that doesn’t include the convertible versions of the 911.

A close up photo of the Porsche logo on a roof top tent.
See that logo? It’s worth $2,000.
Photo: Porsche

But it’s not like the alternatives out there won’t work with a 911. The tents from Roofnest will work on any car with two crossbars fitted 30 inches apart – the company even showcased one fitted to a Supra recently.


I like the idea of an electric Taycan Cross Turismo loaded up with this tent and a pair of Porsche’s swanky e-bikes mounted on the back. It’s a vibe I can get behind. And, after spotting a 911 with a color-matched roof box in Utah last week, I’m here for more utilitarian accessories for Porsches.

But I’m not sure I need all of these accessories to match. Outdoorsy people are a bit like car fans, in that they sometimes have an affinity for one brand over another.


So, if you’re an adventurer looking to buy a tent for your Porsche, is your allegiance to the German company going to win over your ties to gearmakers such as Thule and the $3,000 you’d save with one of its tents?

And that begs the question, who the heck is going to buy this tent when it ships in November?

A photo of the interior of the Porsche Roof Top Tent.
Room with a view.
Photo: Porsche

It’s five thousand dollars. For that, you could buy two pretty decent rooftop tents from countless other manufacturers. Or, you could have more than 10 regular two-person tents and at least one Porsche sticker.


Heck, you can even buy one of these ready-made campervans if you’re so inclined.

But at least the launch of this tent signifies one good thing: there are enough people taking Porsches camping that the company thinks this is a product it needs in its lineup.