Take A Rowdy Ride Up Pikes Peak On The Front Splitter Of A Turbocharged Mustang

Gif: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

This video should be labeled “POV: You are a very fast jackrabbit bounding your way up Pikes Peak.” because that’s what it looks like with the camera mounted so low on the car. Your face is inches from the pavement as it speeds by underneath. If you disregard the engine noises you might think that you’re watching gravity-defying luge video of some lunatic rocketing up a mountain instead of rolling downward. Whatever it looks like, it’s a whole lot of awesome and just a smidge scary as shit.

Kash Singh is an absolutely dedicated competitor at Pikes Peak. You may recognize him as the guy who plays music on his run up the mountain, or the guy with the full interior in his race car (because he road trips his Mustang to Pikes Peak every year), or the guy who eats KFC in his car. Read more about what draws him to the mountain right here.


As you can tell from the sounds of turbochargers right behind your head in the video above, this is a very fast 2017 Mustang with a big pair of snails hanging off the Ford V8. For most of the video all you can hear is the dump of boost as Singh jumps off the throttle and the whoooosh as he piles the intake pressure back in. It’s just amazing.

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Photo: Stef Schrader

I want nothing more than to race up this mountain once in my life, so I can totally understand Singh’s desire to keep coming back. In spite of the fact that he finished 5th in class and 34th overall, I be he had a really great time. Just making it to the top is a victory in and of itself. An 11:38 time is nothing to scoff at in a car with a full interior that just road tripped to the mountain from the Pacific Northwest. Besides, he technically beat factory-built race cars from Porsche and Acura, so that’s pretty freakin’ cool.

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Pikes peak is one of the best events in the world. I just wish the coverage was better.