Taco Truck Sets Up Shop During Massive Seattle Traffic Jam

Screenshot via KOMO News

Getting stuck in traffic for hours really sucks, but it definitely sucks less if you have access to some carne asada tacos with fresh lime.

Hundreds of motorists were caught in gridlock on Interstate 5 near Seattle, Washington after three vehicles including a tanker truck crashed around 10 a.m., resulting in road and exit closures through 6 p.m. What a nightmare.


But it wasn’t all bad, because stuck in the middle of traffic was the bright green Tacos El Tajin food truck that had enough sense to open up and start dishing out the corn tortillas, according to KOMO News:

Tacos may not be the best food to eat on the commute, but if the commute is stopped, you can bet I’m going to to be cleaning diced onion out of my car seats for the next four years.

See there, it ain’t all bad, all the time.

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