Syd Mead's Futuristic Playboy Land Yacht

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Syd Mead's Land Yacht was commissioned by Playboy Magazine as the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anyone ride in an alternate Blade Runner-meets-Ladies Man future. Despite the 70's look, its predictions of modern driving technology are surprisingly accurate.


Mead's Land Yacht debuted in the June 1975 issue of Playboy, serving as both a roving bachelor pad and a vision of future travel. It's designed with a central computer system which manages vehicle systems as well as the duties of over the road driving, leaving you to lounge in the luxurious cabin and leather recliners.

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When you aren't underway there's a rooftop bed for a little open air entertaining, but that's not the limit of accommodation. There are also multiple big screen TV's for entertainment and several recording cameras scattered around to make the viewing content. Technology extends to other goodies, too, as phones are wired through the cabin.

The driver controls the vehicle from a central driving position with a joystick, while infrared cameras pierce the night and project an image in front of the driver. Considering how many of these conveniences exist in modern motor homes — and our modern voyeuristic tendencies — Mead deserves credit as a successful futurist. [AngieAudio]


Jonathan Harper

Syd Mead is the coolest. His future scapes are so epic.