Switzer P800 Porsche 911 Turbo: 800 Horses, No Bucking

Achieving big power with turbochargers is relatively easy, but making huge horsepower while retaining driveability is an enormous task. Peak at the dyno charts and you'll see Switzer's 997 Porsche P800 makes no sacrifices on the road to 800 HP.

The P in Switzer P800 Porsche stands for pump gas, meaning these figures are what a driver can expect in day-to-day driving without plunking down for 100-octane race fuel. Tym Switzer achieved these figures by ditching the factory 997 Turbo variable vane turbos for two large aftermarket items of his own specification.


"With the new P800, you can really have the cake and eat it, too, in a car that you can drive back and forth to the office without drama, and it will still deliver an incredible rush at the track," says Tym. "The great thing about this package is that the power delivery is more linear than with the VTGs, so the P800 car is actually smoother than the factory TT, without any of the oscillation you get periodically from the DME's dynamic control of the vane mechanism on the VTG."

Blah, blah, blah it's crazy fast without being crazy annoying. [via Switzer]

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