Swiss Man Installs Wood-Burning Stove In His Volvo

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Pascal Prokop has his own solution for Switzerland's exceptionally cold winter: He built a wood-burning stove into the passenger seat of his 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon.

Prokop chose the stove over an electric heater since he can keep the stove burning long after the car is turned off. He told the German magazine Stern, "when I'm tired or have drunk too much, I want to sleep in the car."

Swiss authorities approved the car last August, so now he can cruise the snowed-out roads around Zurich in cozy, smoky comfort. Well, until the flue gets clogged and he dies of asphyxiation.


(Hat Tip to $kaycog!)

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During WWII, almost all motorized vehicles in continental Europe were converted to use firewood. []