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Sweet Vindication For Nico Rosberg At The Spanish Grand Prix

Illustration for article titled Sweet Vindication For Nico Rosberg At The Spanish Grand Prix

After spending most of this season playing second banana to Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton — and even accusing the star of slowing him down during the Chinese Grand Prix — Nico Rosberg cruised to victory at today’s Spanish Grand Prix.


Look at that picture. I don’t think he ever actually said it, but that’s a man whose face says “Suck it, Lewis. Suck it long and suck it hard.”

Rosberg took pole during Saturday’s qualifying and maintained a strong lead throughout today’s race, finishing nearly 17 seconds above second-placer Hamilton. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel finished third, a massive 45 seconds behind Rosberg.


It was Rosberg’s first win since last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix, but Hamilton still maintains a comfortable lead in points for this year’s title.

Besides the sadness-feels that Hamilton is likely experiencing right now, the other bummer of the race went to McLaren Honda’s Fernando Alonso, who had to retire from the race due to brake failure. That led to one hairy pit stop where nearly hit a jack operator from being unable to stop. Turns out their fancy new livery didn’t help things after all.

Those guys just can’t catch a break, can they? (“Brake/break” pun not intended. Promise.)

What was your favorite moment from today’s race?

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That’s the face of a pronoid malignant narcissist that thinks everyone should be happy for him. I wonder if Vettel mentioned his German disposition to contrast himself from a Swede that grew up in Monaco who pretends to be German for commercial reasons. I wonder how much of Germany’s inability to host a GP is down to the unpopularity of Rosberg.