Sweet Mother Of Off-Road Fiero Ferrari Jeep Conversions

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Someone sent us another half-completed Fiero conversion on Craigslist this morning and I damn near deleted it... but my perverted curiosity implored me investigate. What I found was the unholy spawn of a Wrangler, a fauxrarri, and GM's little targa.


With those Jeep slats, dishy wheels, and "supercar" rear-quarter vents it's what I imagine a Rally Fighter would look like if it had been designed as a prop car for Miami Vice.

The worst part is... I kinda like it. Despite the inherent conflict of styles this body tries to capture, it looks like the hero car of my childhood dreams. I mean, it's a Fiero with a lift kit. It's probably miserable on and off-road. But when I drew my fantasy cars as a young rascal, which I did a lot, I remember quite a few coming out like Testarossas with Jeep faces. They also had eyes for headlights.

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The party responsible for this design that actually came to fruition is Phoenix International Sport Automobiles, apparently known in the Fiero community as "PISA." Their website doesn't seem to have been updated since the days of Netscape, but it does list no less than five different Fiero rebodies available for purchase as kits or turn-key cars.

The Jalapeno is far and away the most original. PISA says it takes about 200 labor hours to install with just a few "simple chassis modifications" and the lift is accomplished with spacers. The steering shaft and various other components are also elongated.


The fiberglass body costs $2,750, all metal accessories and "mounting panels" are another $1,160 and the lift is $950. So add about five grand to whatever 200 labor hours are worth to you, plus a Fiero, and you've got yourself the coolest cocaine-raging racer on the block.

As luck would have it, I'm actually going to be in Phoenix this week to drive the new heavy-duty GM pickup. If I get a chance to sneak over to PISA's little shop of horrors, I promise I'll write up the experience.


Meanwhile the poor bastard from the aforementioned ad seems to have sailed himself up shit's creek, with three body kits and a base Fiero that's incompatible.

"I must point out that this kit... was designed for the 1984 through 1987 Fieros, then Pontiac redesigned the chassis for 1988. I have constructed and/or converted parts so that the '88 chassis can be used..."


Hm, how do you guys valuate home-fabbed Fiero parts?

Hat tip to Lockon Stratos GN-002!


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I gotta say that their Scorpion kit is pretty badass.