Sweet Merciful Crap: Porsche Is Building A Martini-Liveried 911

If you could have your car in a racing livery from the factory, one of the classiest — and only — choices you should make is the Martini livery. And now Porsche is offering that very livery on 911s. Holy guacamole, Green Lantern!

The run of Martini Edition 911s is limited to 80 cars, and it's more than just a glorious, glorious (GLORIOUS) decal package. Martini 911s will have the cup aerokit, PDK gearbox, sport chrono pack, Bose stereo (odd, since the Burmester is the better choice), the sport design steering wheel, and Porsche communication management with nav.


Martini edition cars can only be ordered in white or black, which is a bit of a shame since they'd look so great in silver as well. Not that it really matters. As of right now, Porsche has no plans to offer the full Martini package in the USA.

But don't despair, Martini lovers! You'll be able to get the decals from Porsche NA to make your very own Martini edition car. Or, perhaps you can buy them and apply them to a lesser car, like a Nissan Versa Note. Martini stripes make the world better.


The point is, you CAN get them here in the USA. That's what really matters. Long live the Martini livery. Long live the 911. Just a good morning all around.

Hat Tip to Brian!

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