Swedish Man Borked After Racking Up $4.5M In Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are a fact of life, especially if you live in a big city. You have to have a flagrant and pathological disrespect for the law, though, to be able to rack up $30,000,000 Swedish Kronor in parking fines, like one man did in the city of Malmö. That's $4,525,080 in US dollars. Hooooooooly crap.

To be fair, a lot of this story is even weirder than all the parking tickets, though, again, it may be just another case of flagrant law violation. Despite having no valid drivers license since 2010, the man has been the registered owner of over 2,000 new cars, so it's likely he's either an oil sheikh or the proud recipient of the long arm of the laws of computer-generated error, according to Sweden's The Local:

The driver who has chalked up 30 million kronor in fines appears four separate times among the top 11 offenders. He is ranked second on the list for one offence owing a debt of 7,916,650 kronor ($1,196,000) behind the number one culprit who owes 8,432,800 kronor ($1,274,000).


I like to imagine our anonymous anti-hero just crashing about the city of Malmo, driving a brand new car every day into a different brick wall, whichever wall he finds first, really, before leaving his car in a crumpled, smoking heap stuck perpendicular on the sidewalk. Realizing his brand new car is undriveable upon returning for his daily errands that Swedish people do (meatballs, reindeer, bork bork bork, etc.), he simply goes out and buys another. Maybe it comes flat-packed.

What's perhaps even more impressive is that our anonymous anti-hero has received more tickets than all the foreign diplomats in Sweden, who racked up only $59,642 in fines.

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Photo credit: Charleston's TheDigitel

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