Swedes at SEMA: Volvo's T6 Roadster Concept

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When Hot Rod magazine named Volvo's T6 concept the 2004 Hot Rod of the Year, this past January, purists gasped. It was like The Hives being named Rock Band of the Year — an honor we would have gladly signed on to, but that would have sent White Stripes devotees into a torch-wielding frenzy. Now, the concept, created by former Volvo conceptualist Leif Tufvesson, will appear at Volvo's SEMA display, strutting its Prowleresque new-rod sensibilities like Jack White rocking a Jimmy Page riff. Still, the Swede-intensive retro touches like the steering wheel — which could be right out of a '60s-era Volvo 121 — combined with modern parts-bin raiding — twin-turbo six from the S80 — make it the most radical exercise in breaking out of the typical Volvo box the company has attempted so far.



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