SWAT Support Charity Car Show Mega Gallery

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On April 27th, 2008, automotive enthusiasts from across Southern California converged on Pierce College in Woodland Hills for the Motor4Toys SWAT Support Charity Car Show organized by Dustin Troyan. The purpose of this show was to raise money for the families of Randal Simmons and James Veenstra, LAPD SWAT officers who were killed and injured in a standoff in February.


Organized through Drivenworld.com, a motorsports enthusiasts' forum, petrol-heads of all kinds were rallied to help raise money for this very worth cause. Everything from restored and original classics to exotic cars, hotrods to luxury cars, racecars to low-riders, muscle cars to import cars were present for the day's events. The show kicked off with a 6 mile memorial cruise escorted by full police motorcade. With over 700 cars participating, the cruise was definitely an unforgettable experience. After all the cars returned to the parking lot, it was time to enjoy the beautiful and eclectic assortment of cars present. The culmination of the show was a live auction with everything from free oil changes to $1500 collections of Patron Tequila. Dustin and his Motor4Toys Foundation successfully brought in over $46,000 in just four hours, with 100% of the money brought in going straight to the families of the officers.

When I asked Dustin what his plans were for the next show, he told me that his "focus is now on the 5th Annual Motor4toys Charity Car Show. We have doubled the attendees every year and more than doubled the toy count too. For this year's event, I want to have 10,000 cars and to collect 30,000 toys. We are changing the location and the program this year. We will have vendors, displays, and an amazing location." Dustin says that if it wasn't for the remarkable car community we have here in Southern California, none of this would be possible. "They make all of the Motor4Toys events happen. In my mind, each and every one of them are heroes." Stay tuned to Drivenworld.com for more updates on upcoming charity shows.



Old police cruisers are the hotness.

Having everybody think you're some kind of unhinged psycho that would subject himself to pretending to be a cop, 40 years late, is only half the fun.