Swarms Of Autonomous Kamikaze Robots Are Coming To A Warzone Near You

First they gave the robots guns, now they have anti-tank mines to aid their global takeover.

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The Jaeger-C is a small, black, four-wheeled robot
The Jaeger-C is like a real life Call of Duty RC-XD
Photo: GaardTech

Like it or not, the robot overlords are coming. And they have now been given a new weapon to smite humanity, in the form of a kamikaze robot capable of taking out a tank.

First it was robot dogs armed with rifles, and now Australian robotics firm GaardTech has brought the Call of Duty RC-XD to life. The company recently unveiled the Jaeger-C autonomous vehicle, and this week announced it would begin testing with Australia’s military in 2022.


The Jaeger-C is a small, four-wheeled vehicle that looks like something straight out of BattleBots, with even more firepower.

According to a report from Overt Defense, the Jaeger-C can be deployed in three different ways with varying weaponry.


The Chariot spec robot is armed with a machine gun or rifle to ward off any baddies, while the Gaard spec can be used to offer security and surveillance.

But it’s the anti-armor Goliath spec that will surely grab the headlines, as it sees the robot engage in a kamikaze-style attack on any hostile vehicle.


To do this, the robot will race to the base of any bad guy’s car and deploy an unspecified weapon to destroy the target.

According to Forbes:

“The Jaeger-C carries an armor-piercing shaped charge; the size is unspecified, but it’s likely to be at least comparable to the 20-pound warhead on the FGM-148 Javelin and has the huge advantage of attacking the belly of the tank where the armor this thinnest.”


In order to deliver its lethal payload to the base of any hostile vehicle, the Jaeger-C must get up close and personal with the tank or truck. To stop it from being blown to smithereens before it reaches the target, GaardTech has heavily armored the remote control explosive.


If all this firepower wasn’t already scary enough, GaardTech confirmed that as well as being human-controlled, the Jaeger-C can also operate autonomously.

Let’s hope it can be trained to recognize threats better than a Tesla spots a fork in the road.