I'm one of the few people who can say they've driven a newer Suzuki Swift on American soil. As much as I like to brag, this sucks. More Americans should have the chance to drive/own/hoon a Swift.


Suzuki's small car disappeared with the Geo Metro in the 1990s, which is unfortunate because it would have been a great car before the Mazda2 and Fiesta introduced capable sub-sub-compacts to the U.S. It's with a little bid of sadness, then, that we bring you these pics of the Suzuki S-CONCEPT. The design study takes the attractive Euro-Swift and dials up the aggression until you can almost smell the equine steroids on its breath.

Giant 18-inch wheels combine with a lower stance and the bright yellow Unique Lightning Pearl Yellow body paint to create a hatch that makes its intentions clear. There's no talk of a drivetrain from Suzuki, but wouldn't a discussion just make you feel worse you can't get it?


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