Suzuki Plans Nissan Juke Fighter And Other Cool Cars We Won't Get

Illustration for article titled Suzuki Plans Nissan Juke Fighter And Other Cool Cars We Won't Get

Hey North America, are you missing Suzuki yet? Get ready to miss them even more, because they're planning a spate of new models in other markets that won't be getting, and some of them sound pretty cool.


According to a report in AutoExpress, Suzuki has no less than five new models set to come out over the next three years.

These include a new city car; a five door Swift Sport hot hatch as well as a 4x4 version; a small, performance-oriented SUV designed to battle the Nissan Juke; a production version of the funky 2012 G70 concept — pictured above — that could come with a two-cylinder Fiat engine; and a small MPV based on the Swift.

As Derek Kreindler over at TTAC notes, some of these cars probably wouldn't fly to well in North America, which in part justifies their choice to close up shop on this continent. And like we've said here before, Suzuki never really had much of a product problem, they had a dealer network and planning problem.

Still, I'm wistful. I could see the Suzuki Swift hatch doing okay here, 4x4 or otherwise, and a Suzuki-built competitor to the Juke sounds like it would be a lot of fun.


Anyone else longing for Suzuki these days?



It looks like a Citroën DS knocked up a kei car.