Suzuki Kizashi Engine Details Leaked By Enthusiastic Aussie Importer

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The upcoming 2010 Suzuki Kizashi sedan, based on the 2008 Suzuki Kizashi 3 show car, will be available with at least two Suzuki-developed engines: A 2.4-liter four cylinder for the entry-level Kizashi and a V6 displacing around 3.6 liters for the up-level model. The Kizashi is making its way through the development cycle at the littlest Japanese automaker that couldn't, but an excited Australian importer got a little loose with his words, revealing the engine lineup, along with some additional information about the new Suzuki sedan.In addition to engines, we get a peek into Suzuki's hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell programs, closely tied to GM technology. It sounds like they'll be adapting GM designs to their more-compact platform and looking to develop new six-speed transmissions in the process. We're expecting to see conceptual versions of these powertrains when 'Zuki unveils the SX4 FCV concept and another concept at the Paris motor show in October. Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Suzuki has long been known as a builder of excellent, if a bit hefty motorcycles, and for almost as long, questionably engineered and styled automobiles. Try as they might, it seems their greatest commercial success was the Grand Vitara. Remember the Verona and how well that did? In any case, the Kizashi seems poised to reverse the trend and provide a car people will actually want to be seen in as well as one that doesn't roll over in a light Autumn breeze. We're pullin' for you Suzuki...but we're not holding our breath. [AutomotiveWorld]

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Rob Emslie

Wait a minute. You're telling me that there's going to be a mid-size japanese sedan on the market in a couple of years?! And it's going to be sporting a big-ass 4-banger or, wait for it . . . a V6?!

Well Mary-freakin'-Hartman I am totally blown away by the prospect of said radical departure from the norm. Now realizing that such a product is rumored to be on the horizon, I must find a Suzuki dealership who will take my deposit so I can be one of the first to experience this unique and ground-breaking form of automotive conveyance.