SUV Makes A Comfy Bed For A Goddamn Tiger, Pants Are Peed

Alright, so no actual pants were peed as this was shot in South Africa where I'm sure things like this happen all the time, but my pants would certainly be soiled if there was a goddamn TIGER that just decided to take a nap on my roof and use the spare tire as a pillow.


One of the passengers in the be-tigered car is actually so calm that he has the window open, with his arm out, because that is just what you do, in Africa, when there's a tiger on your car. LOOKOUT GUY THAT TIGER IS GONNA EAT YOUR ARM.

Eventually the question that was going through my head the whole time occurs to the placid preserve visitors, which is how to get that goddamn tiger off the roof of your car when it's taking a goddamn nap and using your goddamn spare as a big comfy rubbery pillow.


Apparently the answer is to just drive off with it.

The big cat actually seems to enjoy the ride for awhile before deciding that its new shiny bed was getting a bit bumpy and taking a big flying leap to get off the roof. Keep in mind when the whole SUV shakes that tigers can weigh over 600 pounds.

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I'm not lion when I say that would scare me to death!