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A Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera wound up wedged underneath a mobile trailer after a suspected drunken crash in California on Saturday, the Costa Mesa Police Department said on Instagram. Not the nose of the car, or even the front half—the entire car got jammed under the trailer’s few feet of ground clearance.

The post said neither the driver, Cesar Castro Rodriguez, nor his passenger had major injuries from the 2 a.m. crash, although the $250,000 Gallardo was pulled from underneath the construction trailer as a crushed wad of its former self. Police arrested Rodriguez at the scene for driving under the influence of alcohol.


Despite the 560-horsepower Superleggera’s name directly translating to “super light” in Italian, boasting its “[unbelievable] power-to-weight ratio,” it’s surprising to see how deeply the driver wedged it into such a small space. But the story gets weirder: The department said in the post that Rodriguez, 31, was looking for his passenger at the scene, but that the passenger left before first responders arrived. He was found at home two hours later with minor injuries.


To recap the police department’s suspected timeline, Rodriguez’s passenger got into a nearly 600-HP supercar with a suspected drunk driver, was in a horrific crash in the early hours of the morning and escaped with minor injuries, then left the scene while the driver looked for him. That’s a strange evening.

Meanwhile, the post said, it took authorities 45 minutes to remove the car from underneath the trailer due to “complications including an unstable trailer and downed live wires nearby.”


The police department didn’t say how investigators believe the crash happened, how fast Rodriguez might have been going or any other details, but Jalopnik has reached out for that information and will update if we hear back.


Either way, it’s all kind of weird.

An advertisement quote on the Gallardo Superleggera’s power-to-weight ratio from Lamborghini’s website has been updated for clarity.

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