Sure Hope You Like Swarms Of Wasps In Chevy Malibus

Just in case you’ve been going through your week and have, somehow, managed to avoid having any deep, gut-wrenching feelings of abject anxiety and horror to the degree where it feels like you just might terror-shit your pants, allow me to help you out by showing you some videos of cars absolutely teeming and swarming with thousands and thousands of wasps. You’re welcome!


These videos come from a YouTube channel called Stinger Creations, which seems to be a Southern Louisiana exterminator company. It looks like they like to have a little fun with their vehicular horror, as they made this light-hearted little video-skit involving one of the most wasp-infested cars I’ve ever seen:

Holy crap. Did you see those nests? The wasps are effectively re-making the interior into a wasp metropolis. The same unfortunate Malibu shows up in this earlier video as well, where we get a better look at the extent of the nest-building:

Gaaaaaah. I think this is the same car in this next video, but they’ve added a mannequin head just so your fear can have a focus:

You know, I think it’s the relentless cracking sound of the wasps impacting the camera that are the real punctum of the nightmare here. Also, the fact that the shooter of this video mentions you can smell the wasp venom “everywhere in the air.”

Whoever owns this Malibu, I think you should be aware of something: this is the wasps’ Malibu now. Time to move on.

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