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Remember the Nissan Xterra? It was a cool looking off-roading SUV based on the Frontier truck, and it rocked some people’s socks for its fifteen long years for sale here in the U.S. It was axed in 2015, but Nissan is back testing a new truck-based SUV. Can we have it?

Since Nissan went out of its way to officially kill off the Xterra name, I doubt we’ll ever get to whisper those words at an auto show ever again. But there’s still room in Nissan’s U.S. lineup for another SUV, and if they’re working on a truck-based SUV anyway, why not ship it over?


AutoGuide (again) has the spy shots and some details, and even they admit it’s probably a small chance the new SUV, based on the Navara truck (which is the Frontier, but slightly different), will actually be sold here. But the Jeep Wrangler still doesn’t have any real competition—and there’s a shiny new one on the horizon. While the Xterra and its 90's-and-Naughts themed name never really touched Jeep, I’m cool with Nissan giving it another shot.

Just give it another socially-relevant name, like ‘Terra’ or just ‘X’ or whatever. “I drive a Nissan X!” *climbs mountain*