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Basically you're going to need a $60,000 heavy-duty pickup if you're going to safely make a truck bed swimming pool. Or you could go above-ground pool, but that's just tacky. Think bigger, guys.


Maybe it's just because I appreciate those who can do math. Or think big. Or both. In any case, COTD goes to everyone involved in making a 797f hot tub reasonable in the physics sense, at least.



Challenge accepted.

Ryan Frew:

Because it's finals week and this is Jalopnik, I actually just tried doing the math on how close water would come to reaching max payload if the bed were full. However, I can't seem to find the dimensions of a 797f's bed. Anyone have the info?


Rated Payload760000 lb

Load Capacity - Struck 226.3 yd3

Load Capacity - heaped 287.7 yd3

Stephen MacArthur:

Your argument is valid! The Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck has a nominal payload capacity of 400 tons and a max struck capacity of 290 cubic yards. The water would only require 1,674 lbs/cubic yard x 290 cubic yards = 485,460 lbs = 242 tons, which is well below the 400 ton max payload. Plenty of extra weight capacity for people and booze!



Thank you, sir. I now know what I must do.

And just in time for summer. Now, what do these things cost again?

Photo: Caterpillar

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