Jalopnik readers already think Craigslist is a great place to find a used car. A lot of people pick it because it's cheap, and I find tons of great stuff there, some of it pretty rare and interesting.


But I wonder what the seller of this car was thinking listing this beauty on a site that also has a link to "Casual Encounters," because my first response was, "What the hell is this doing here?"

This 2011 Jaguar XJL Supercharged is a gorgeous Celestial Black model with an ivory interior. It's a fantastically awesome car in its own right. What makes this one very special is that it's one of 50 Neiman Marcus edition ones, originally released in the Fall 2010 in that exclusive Celestial Black paint. These XJLs got 20-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control and slabs of matte-finish Zebrano wood. And this one's on Craigslist.

Santa Barbara has some pretty ritzy zip codes, so there has to be a taker for this 470-horsepower piece of supercharged awesomeness out there. But would someone willing to drop nearly $85,000 on a used Jag be looking on Craigslist first? Why not just paint "For Sale By Owner" on the side windows and park it on the main drag?

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