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Supercar Mad Scientist Christian Von Koenigsegg Explains Why Gravity Doesn't Make Sense

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Christian Von Koenigsegg is a lucky man. His unconventional ideas about automotive engineering—pioneering FlexFuel, camless engines and gearless transmissions—have made him and his small supercar company wildly successful. He’s lucky he didn’t try to start his business based on his theory of gravity, which he does not believe works how you think it does.

The basic understanding of gravity is that mass exerts a pull on all other masses, and very massive objects exert a very noticeable pull on less massive objects. A more nuanced and modern understanding conceives of gravity as waves, with massive objects rippling the fabric of space time, so to speak.


Christian von Koenigsegg doesn’t like the idea of objects exerting a force on other objects without spending any energy to do so.

In an interview on set at the documentary APEX (that’s the trailer above), Koenigsegg explained his theory to the doc’s director JF Musial and former Jalop editor Travis Okulski, who just posted this video on Road and Track:

It seems like Koenigsegg was thinking about the idea of gravity as a low-pressure zone of some kind in terms of some thoughts about a levitating car.


I love Koenigsegg, and I’m glad the guy got his start with hypercars and not flying ones.