Super Rare Ultima GTR Crash In Russia Proves Money Doesn't Buy Talent

First, of course this was shot in Russia, the world’s leading exporter of Shit Like This. The car is an Ultima GTR, an absurdly fast low-volume British supercar that may be the quickest supercar in the world. It’s also a pretty effective magnifier of idiocy, as you can see here. This really didn’t have to happen.

It looks like the Ultima was coming off that traffic circle up ahead, and from the best I can tell, the driver seems to have given just a few too many beans as the car was turning onto the street. I suspect at that point, the rear lost grip (it’s a RWD beast, of course) and the driver panicked/overcorrected by turning right, and then kept going right, right into the curb and the shoulder.

At this point, I’m confused, because it looks like the Ultima GTR was still accelerating while on the grass, which caused it to sort of grass-drift sideways until it finally got back on the pavement, where it swerved on its seriously jacked-up wheels into the back corner of a recent Jetta.

All in all, it could have been far worse. Why did the driver stay on the gas when he went up the curb? Pedal confusion? Panic? Maybe they thought they could accelerate enough to form a stable wormhole that would take them the fuck out of this mess.


Regardless, it’s a good reminder that all you need is money for a supercar. That’s really all they check for. So keep your distance.

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Money doesn’t buy you talent? I guess we know who was driving: