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I gotta say, there are some good looking open wheel cars hitting the track around the world this season. Formula One is as classy as ever with its 2019 regulations. IndyCar keeps refining their road course and oval packages. But they’re nothing compared to what Super Formula is racing this year.

Super Formula—the top tier of open wheel racing in Japan—is getting ready to kick off their 2019 season by sending drivers out on track for testing. And goddamn do they look great.


They’re so sharp, in every sense of the word. The pointy shark fin at the back has to be the greatest feature introduced to racing ever. This is what the gods of racing intended when they implemented these regulations, and I will hear no dissent. Pair that with the pointy sidepod and the wedged rear wing? Delicious. I want my race cars looking so sharp—so literally sharp—that they’re like a knife slicing through the air. Well done, Super Formula. You’ve given race fans such a beautiful gift.

I think this series has done a great job implementing the halo. I’m personally a halo fan from a safety perspective, but I agree that they’ve been pretty damn ugly: bulky, thick, and graceless.


Super Formula’s halos are actually pretty great. They look a little thinner, more aerodynamic, and better integrated into the rest of the car’s design than they’ve been on F1 or FE cars. The halos just fit. They work, aesthetically. I’m in love.


I hope the rest of the racing world takes this very important page from Super Formula’s book.

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