Super Cruise Is Spreading To 22 GM Vehicles By 2023

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You can’t currently buy a brand new car with GM’s very good driver aid system Super Cruise. It was available in Cadillac’s CT6, but that died a sad and lonely death in January. The technology has been announced as an optional add-on for the new Cadillac Escalade, as well as the CT4 and CT5 this year.


Starting in 2021, GM will be rolling the option out beyond the borders of Cadillacland with seven additional nameplates getting Super Cruise in 2021, and then twelve more across 2022 and 2023. As GM transitions its new and revised cars to a new digital platform, the technology will be added to more cars. This plan was confirmed by GM President Mark Reuss in a meeting with investors on Wednesday.

Thus far the program, which must have cost absolute gobs of money to develop, has only been available on Cadillac’s CT6. Of CT6 buyers, Cadillac says only about 1/3rd of them selected the SuperCruise option. Those who do have the option selected only use it about half of the time they are driving. That said, Super Cruise buyers have stated that 85% of them would prefer the system be available on the next car they purchase.

Which nameplates are getting this tech next?

The Escalade has the option, so surely that means it will be rolling out to platform mates GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban in short order. Currently GM’s full-sized trucks don’t offer any kind of adaptive cruise option, so a jump from traditional manual cruise to Super Cruise would be a massive jump. Surely the EV Hummer will have it. I am at least a little disappointed that this wasn’t integrated into GM’s flagship C8 Corvette from the outset, but there’s still time to fix it in post.

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Margin Of Error

It will fail, most people want wagons with manual transmissions, and crank windows.

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