Super Chill Horse Cop Busts Dude Doing A Wheelie On His GSX-R

Getting busted by this horse cop in particular was the best thing that could've happened to this Suzuki GSX-R rider popping a wheelie in downtown London.


Just watch how the interaction (turned up by CarScoops) turns and you can understand how lucky this rider is, and how cool this cop is, too.


Steve Hopkinson

"Get out of the square mile" – that means he's a member of the City of London Police force, rather than the Metropolitan Police that preside over the rest of London. The City of London Police are proper, old-school policeman, silly hats and all. If he'd done this anywhere else in London, the Met would have have him in cuffs before you could say 'police brutality'.

Incidentally, this is 100m from my flat.