Super Bon Bon: The Dibs Mini

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Dreyer's/Edy's is phasing out the bon bon, and with it goes one more memory of Grandma's house. To replace the creamy, chocolatey treats, they've come up with a new, nutty, creamy, chocolatey treat called Dibs. And to promote said Dibs, they commissioned Ron Canyon to build a full-pimp Mini Cooper S ice-cream truck to tour the country. 19-inch spinners, Mac Mini, Tablet PC, four TV screens, a four-point roll bar and a hatch in the roof from which girls will serve the new ice cream products. AutoWeek's got the full story here. (We couldn't bring ourselves to say "full scoop" was just too obvious, even for us.)


Tuner Trucks: Dibs Mini Cooper S [AutoWeek]

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