Suburban Detroit Man Found Living With Decomposing Corpse For Months

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An eviction of a 72-year-old woman who was months behind on her rent for a mobile home in Redford Township lead to a gruesome discovery.

The woman, identified as Annie Marquis, was found dead in her home after the landlord had arrived to give her a notice of eviction.

When the landlord came to evict Annie, a man answered the door like everything was fine, but apparently it wasn't. The landlord looked inside and saw Annie's decomposing body laying on the sofa bed. She had been dead for months.


Based on accounts of Marquis' friend, the man who had been living with a decomposing corpse since last November seemed to be off his rocker. Her friend, Connie Laesch, asked what was up with the guy, whom The Associated Press identified as Dennis McCauley, the last time they spoke.

"She told me she knew him for 30 years, and I said, 'What are you doing with him? He don't act right. He throws his hands up in the air, and he bows down on the ground.' I couldn't understand," Laesch explained. reports the 64-year-old-man was arrested and is expected to be charged with financial fraud and not reporting a dead body. AP says that police believe McCauley lived with Marquis for three years.

Update: AP reports Redford Township's police Sgt. Kevin Crittenden says when Marquis' body was found the "upper arm was separated from the right shoulder," which an autopsy revealed had taken place after she died.


Update #2: This comes on the heels of a couple (sort-of) similar scenarios which took place across Michigan in the past year. Last summer, a man in Jackson was found mummified in a chair after having passed away two years earlier. And, in January, a man was arrested for allegedly digging up his father's corpse from a cemetery and bringing it home with hopes he would be resurrected through prayer.


(photo of a mobile park home courtesy of Wikimedia commons)

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