Subaru Warns Owners To Stop Driving Recalled Cars

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Around 50,000 Subarus are under recall as of earlier this month due to problems with the steering column, and owners just got word that they shouldn’t drive the cars—even to the repair shop—until they’re fixed.

The recall came about when an owner reported steering problems to a Subaru dealership on May 3 and had the car towed, according to CNN. Potentially due to being machined improperly, the steering columns have the potential to fail in select Legacy and Outback vehicles from the 2016 and 2017 model years. As a result, the steering wheel could have no effect on which way the car turns. Per CNN, Subaru is not aware of any injuries or accidents in connection to the issue.

The 2016 Subau Outback. Photo credit: Subaru

The only cars included in the recall are those built between Feb. 29 and May 6 of this year, according to the recall documents. Other 2016 and 2017 Outback and Legacy models will keep owners steered in the right direction (literally).

The 2016 Subaru Legacy. Photo credit: Subaru

This recall is rather small compared to many, though—numbers hover between 48,500 and 53,000 affected vehicles, with CNN reporting that about 30,000 remain on dealer lots. To fix the problem, the recall documents state that Subaru will reach out to owners in order to discuss replacement of the steering column for free.


Since owners aren’t supposed to drive the vehicles, Autoblog reports that Subaru will also cover the costs for towing and to have a technician come right to the car and inspect it. The advice to stay out from behind the wheel stands until the cars have been fixed, and, per Autoblog, Subaru will provide loaner vehicles to owners during the wait period.

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