Subaru Wants You To Make Sumos Sexy, Take Shots Of Forester

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When we were but wee Jalops, dreaming fantastically about our glamorous future as car journalists, the photoshoot seemed to be one of the most alluring perks of the job. What could be better than spending the day surrounded by models and a fast car? Subaru is hoping there's many more dreamers out there and is offering them the chance to experience the wonders of a photoshoot, virtually, as a marketing tool for their new 2009 Subaru Forester. Sexy models included.


Unfortunately, being naïve young things, our idea of photoshoots didn't match up with reality when we finally got the chance to experience the real thing. Photographers are bitchy, models are dimwitted and freakish-looking and clients are fickle and ill-informed. Most of the magic in professional car photography takes place on a computer screen, retouching reflections so they're symmetrical, adding speed blur to 15mph motion shots and removing pimples and hair from model's faces. Unwittingly, in their attempt to mock, Subaru actually captures this world in a depressingly accurate fashion, especially in the derivative, poorly lit shots that result. Of course, what we failed to anticipate and what Subaru fails to acknowledge, is that real car magazines just use press shots. [Sexy Subaru]


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@halfshafter: OK, with that ad and the pic above, I've seen enough skin to cover the surface area of a small planet.

Does Subaru have a delete option for airbags?