Subaru Recalling Almost 600,000 Cars For Windshield Wipers Sourced From Wicked Witch

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Subaru is recalling 592,647 cars for melting windshield wiper motors, which I can only assume the automaker sourced from the Wicked Witch of the West.


As you should probably know, the Wicked Witch of the West was the antagonist in the 1939 classic film The Wizard Of Oz, whose plans of stealing ruby red slippers ended when she melted after having water dumped on her. Rough.

But not as rough as Subaru having to recall almost 600,000 2010 to 2014 Outback and Legacy models in the U.S. for windshield washer motors that are melting.


The issue was initially hard to source, according to Car and Driver, because the motors were so melted Subaru had trouble determining exactly what was causing the phenomenon.

It turns out that the wipers seem to continually try to drop into the parked position, even if snow buildup or something else is holding them back. This causes the motors to overheat, which may result in melting or even a small fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration filings.

The motors will be replaced in the recall somewhere over the rainbow, or sometime soon.

Updated to add model years. Sorry.

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Another Random Internet Commenter

Wow. That was a terrible post. A bit of a stretch connecting this to the Wizard of Oz. Did you lose the football bet at the office and have to use a really bad article template or something?!?!