Subaru Is Just Giving Recalled 2019 Ascent Owners Brand New Vehicles

Photo: Subaru

Subaru has issued a recall for the 2019 Subaru Ascent because some of the vehicles may be missing crucial spot welds on the B-pillar, per Consumer Reports. This isn’t exactly the kind of thing you can correct with a quick pop over to the dealer, so to fix the issue, the automaker is just giving every affected owner a new vehicle.


The problem affects fewer than 1 percent of Ascents built—293 to be exact—and was caused by a problem with the software program for welding robots, the outlet reported. What’s wild is that Subaru’s replacing the vehicle outright.

From Consumer Reports:

Of the potentially affected vehicles, just nine were sold, Subaru said. The others were either on dealer lots or in transit.

A Subaru spokesman told CR that “if some of the spot welds around the B-pillar were missed, the strength of the vehicle’s body may be reduced, potentially increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash.”

“This is why we are replacing the vehicles and not repairing,” he said.

The automaker discovered the issue on July 21, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that it narrowed the issue down to build dates involved. No injuries or crashes were reported. Dealers have been told not to sell any Ascents built between July 13-21, according to Consumer Reports, and they can identify affected models by checking the VIN.

Subaru said it will begin notifying owners this month, the news outlet reported.

Consumer Reports pointed to two recent recalls that involved replacing the entire vehicle—a February 2017 recall affecting nine 2017 Jaguar XFs, as well as a May 2018 notice involving several VW models.


At least those Subaru owners will get to enjoy the Ascent’s 19 cup holders and the new car smell all over again.

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