Subaru Flat-12 Formula One Engine for Sale on eBay

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F1 fans of a certain age remember Subaru's foray into Formula One racing in the early 1990s as a time of hope, followed by disbelief and, ultimately, utter disgust. Ah, memories. Unfortunately, its competition engine, a 3.5-liter flat 12 designed by Motori-Moderni, was underpowered — cranking out 600hp in a field comprising a Honda V10 (McLaren) that produced 690hp. To make matters worse, that year 39 drivers were competing for just 26 slots. As a new team with no points from the previous season, the Subaru-Colani team was forced to qualify on Friday for the chance to really qualify in the Saturday session. Needless to say to those who remember, Subaru failed to pre-qualify in eight out of 17 races. Now, one of those B12 engines is for sale on eBay — the perfect conversation starter (or ender) for any F1 fan at $30,000. Hell, you could even stick it in your '65 Coupe DeVille and watch the poseurs scatter like crows. [Thanks to Trent for the tip.]

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