No, a "naked moped" is not a deviant sexual practice (we checked Urban Dictionary). But actually riding a moped sans-clothing will get you kicked out of Cambodia for violating the country's "beautiful customs and culture".

Crawford Brown, a 24-year-old student from the University of West of Scotland, was backpacking through Cambodia with two friends when the trio decided to ride a pair of mopeds as God intended.

Mid-motorized streak, they road past a local police station where Officer Chuon Chomkol ordered his troops to pull them over. According to Chomkol, the naked riders didn't stop and were believed to be heading for a border checkpoint leading into Vietnam. Brown spent a night in jail.

"Their actions have seriously violated Cambodia's integrity, the beautiful customs and culture of Cambodia, and Cambodian law," said Kandal police chief Eav Chamroeun. "We cannot allow them to commit pornography like this in our country."

Cambodia's immigration department deported the students and the freewheeling trio are reportedly now banned from the country.